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Discussion: 2002 Elantra GT 750$ PICS

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    2002 Elantra GT 750$ PICS

    2002 Elantra GT
    180 000km
    Manual 5 Speed
    Original Mags with Winter tires installed before winter.

    Shot at 2010-05-02

    Shot at 2010-05-02

    Shot at 2010-05-02

    Shot at 2010-05-02

    Les +

    Nouvelle Battery, alternateur, Starter and some other things I forgot
    Moteur et tranny roule parfaitement.

    Les -
    Fuel line is leaking, needs to be fixed or changed.
    Driver door window, rust in the door, rail is finished, do not lower window more then a crack or else it eint coming back up, open panel and fix it.

    Car is currently at my buddy's garage leaking gas from the fuel line, I bought another car and I do not feel like putting more money on it as everything in the + have been done within the past 3 months.

    Car still runs very well, starts flawlessly, alignment is good, balljoints are good... it's reliable.

    It's a great car if you give it a driver side door for the window and fix that damn fuel line that just pissed me off.

    I just bought another car so... Voila Vente rapide, 750$ Firm

    edit forgot to add the following info:

    Front bumper right side holding with 1 tie-rap (for the last 3 years)
    rear bumper has been hit by a Saturn on the highway when all traffic stopped... that saturn's front end got badly smashed... still have a corner of her fender in the bumper..
    both my front fenders have been replaced and repainted 2 years ago, unfortunately last winter I got 2 minor hits by people who can't drive... but it's really nothing much.

    Edit again MAGS !!!

    Shot at 2010-05-02

    Shot at 2010-05-02

    ASA Mags
    17" Universal 4 bolts (100 and 114)

    Issue: last summer car hit a sewer cap that was sticking out a lot... poped a tire and slightly bent a mag, easy fix.

    So 3 mags are perfect
    1 mag needs a small fix
    2 tires are in very good condition, so you just need to get 2 other tires and you are set (and you have one spare)
    tires are General Exclaim UHP 215/45 R17

    400$ firm for the mags and tires
    514 638 6366

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