My mazda6 2007 GT V6

Here's my mazda6 V6 2007 that I traded my mazda3 for !!!

I thought modifying was over ... loll
  1. My mazda6 07 GT V6 lowered on TEIN basic coilovers 
with my new oreo cookie style 18 X 7.5 ENKEI LS/5 wheels
  2. MY mazda6 on coilovers and ALT rush wheels
  3. 1 more shot with ALT's
  4. Stock wheels, TEIN basic coilovers were just addedwith magnaflow dual catback.
  5. This is the first set of wheels I added ( ENKEI RSV 18 X 7.5 ) and It only had TEIN stech springs  ...
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