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  1. Have you ever TRUELY been in love ?
  2. Worst sex u ever had
  3. Places to propose...
  4. Je veux me venger de mon ex j'ai un film de cul d'elle
  5. whats a nice way of breaking up with someone?
  6. Breaking up
  7. 45 Facts About Pornography That You Might Not Know
  8. Do you piss during the shower?
  9. What do you classify as "cheating"
  10. Your relationship status
  11. Birthday gift for a new girlfriend?
  12. Jessica Alba might be infected.
  13. in love with this girl that is twice my age...
  14. Problème avec mon employé
  15. Britney...
  16. No more gf... What can I do now?
  17. Anyone ever get an escort?
  18. Thompson offered to pay the woman $100 an hour to have sex with her children
  19. Why Men Can't Win
  20. Attention Girlz! Plz Read! Kthnx
  21. I just found out who is the biggest asshole in the world ! What to do now ?
  22. If you get caught rapping a prostitute, are you convicited for...
  23. weird shit with neighbors and escortes...
  24. Sex is best
  25. do you cheat on your girlfriend/wife?
  26. Who is this girl?
  27. A Crack Whore Story
  28. Blonde ou char, quelle est votre priorité?
  29. Please help my girlfriend win :) [free rep inside]
  30. Hot Or Not ?!
  31. Female orangutan used as sex slave
  32. Britney Spears lied about virginity
  33. When your girlfriend has a guy friend....
  34. Quelles sont les plus belles filles au québec??
  35. 17 signs you like someone
  36. who are the sluttest chix?
  37. Sex or Foreplay
  38. Girls, girls, girls...
  39. Man or Woman !? what does she look like in this picture..
  40. shallowness
  41. Best car to have sex in?
  42. $400 vasectomy Speechless look on her face
  43. Ultimate men pwnage
  44. check out what someone baught my GF at work...wtffff
  45. The key to understand woman
  46. Best Strip Club
  47. Having sex with dead deers will be legal!!
  48. so what did you acutally GET on boxing day?
  49. Me too, I can't get it up the first time I meet up a girl? Why, and suggestions?
  50. Date ideas (I'm stumped)
  51. Did you ever made a girl squirt ?
  52. Stupid friend
  53. le confessional de mtlracing
  54. avance sexuelle
  55. Any of you guys punch your girl during your sleep?
  56. 100 condoms pour 20$
  57. Teens accused of pimping girls
  58. 50 things Men wish Women knew...
  59. Jenna Jameson is retiring
  60. My msn convo with a cam girl..
  61. Valentine's day ideas! Share yours!
  62. is bronzage for guys ''gay''
  63. who are the best bangers ?
  64. Who are the hottest girls ?
  65. Hav you ever had sex in a car?
  66. Have you ever been hit on by a homo....?
  67. spotted a ****ing hot chick at my local jean coutu
  68. Top 99 most desireable women from Ask Men magazine
  69. amour au travail que faire ?
  70. Britney Spears' sex tape fear
  71. wtf !!!!! where's hot girlfriend thread
  72. wtf!?! wheres the aphrodisiac food thread???
  73. Photo de ma secrétaire sans qu'elle le sache! hahah?!?!?!?!?!!?
  74. College porn filmed in Plattsburgh
  75. Your thoughts on hot trannies
  76. Valentines day
  77. Bonne St-valentin Mr
  78. Le thread des orphelins de la St-Valentin.
  79. why are women so dumb ...
  80. Would you ever date a stripper?
  81. ovechkin met his gf on the internet
  82. *** Your fav. p0rn star *** [NSFW]
  83. Places to meet women.
  84. Are girls/women ****ing crazy?
  85. What porn is the best ?
  86. First thread !!
  87. Looking for Girls to work
  88. Would you give head...
  89. I love her
  90. Look at this article on sex quick before they remove it...
  91. Girl I met
  92. Why so many GAY threads?
  93. girls liking your balls ??
  94. how do you ask THE question?
  95. Squirt juice
  96. Women that loves the cock
  97. favorite position while having sex
  98. la plus belle fille du québec?
  99. Would you hit it part 2
  100. Je la rappelle quand au fais?
  101. male virginity. when? where? how old?
  102. So what started the cameltoe loving outbreak?
  103. Qd savoir qu'il est temps de laisser sa GF et comment la laisser!
  104. Do you kiss on a first date ?
  105. MontrealRacing online Dating BLOG-FRIEND ZONE
  106. Five Tips For A Man Seeking A Perfect Relationship
  107. 5 words after sex
  108. Would you hit it part 2.5
  109. what does it mean exactly to "superman a hoe"
  110. Steak & BJ day coming...
  111. question existencielle
  112. Ton Fantasme
  113. Du Sex Hardcore
  114. éjacutation nocturne
  115. ok ya un probleme ****
  116. Having trouble having sex with condom..
  117. recherche une fille pour baise ''on the side''
  118. sortiriez-vous avec une fille qui a un ''mole''?
  119. Boutique Fetish In Montreal
  120. The one mistake ;)
  121. Seriez vous capable d'être acteur porno?
  122. Se faire sucer en conduisant
  123. Cum Shot!
  124. viagra or cialis
  125. it's been a while...but weekly gangbang news
  126. amour relation .. conseil
  127. Ses tu moi qui est jaloux ou?
  128. site de rencontre
  129. Official love counceling thread
  130. D'apres vous.....
  131. Jia un probleme
  132. qui s'est deja blessé en fesant l'acte..
  133. Une grande relation ou plusieurs petites?
  134. osti que j'haie ca!!!
  135. Qu'est que vous aimez le mieux ? ..
  136. Best Spots to do it in the car in the WI
  137. Approaching and talking to girls at the gym
  138. Torn Between 2 Girls
  139. Nice guys finish last...
  140. licher l'anus de la fille
  141. Finally, the pornsite thread
  142. MILF vs TEEN
  143. Remember Epic boobs ?
  144. in all honesty
  145. fourer dans un skyline mauvaise idee
  146. 5 words after sex.. that SHE says
  147. 5 words BEFORE sex
  148. Que faire ?
  149. Ever do a dp?
  150. serious relationship
  151. virgins#?
  152. How Did/Will You Propose To Her?
  153. Est-ce que vous pisser dans la douche ?
  154. flatulence en public.. FTW ou FTL?
  155. Avez vous deja...
  156. Dans une picine municipale...
  157. Pisser Quand T'es Bandé
  158. Your favorite position
  159. Est-ce que votre soldat...
  160. Tongue Rings
  161. Pissez vous loin?
  162. julie is back for a second GB...
  163. Pénis
  164. Vagin
  165. Combien de fois tu te crosse
  166. Damn c'est fini...
  167. Les filles qui s'essuie avec nos boxers
  168. circoncis ou pas?
  169. Blonde et ami gars?
  170. Marde
  171. J'ai ecris une histoire , j'aimerais savoir quoi vous en pensser..
  172. Who here has been caught by there parents or anyone while Doing It?
  173. Skanky chicks; always a plus to eBay postings
  174. Combien de temps il vous faut pour reloader au maximum
  175. Shoot me some ideas for dates!
  176. hey bonjour gang d'adrenalineux hihi
  177. post pic of you in a sexual position
  178. ABC's of ex girlfriends
  179. Les filles sont un peu... épaisse! ( Sujet déveloper )
  180. Shaving legs gay?
  181. D'ou puez vous le plus?
  182. Coup drole a faire !!
  183. avez vous une blonde ou un chum et si oui, sa fais combien de temps
  184. vos pire tromprerie ......
  185. les meilleurs tampons
  186. Sondage "pipi"..
  187. Girls that play hard to get at the beginning
  188. Cock Ring
  189. wtf!?! Wheres the wtf!?! Wheres the aphrodisiac food thread???
  190. EX GF'S N BF'S - What do you miss?
  191. Eating girls out
  192. Turn-off - Gars/fille
  193. Current Gf's - Bf's - Or **** Friend
  194. Vos relation avec...
  195. Pick Up Lines
  196. vos meilleurs position
  197. Things that have made u go limp in mid sex
  198. my gf sent me a nasty letter :'(
  199. sortirez vous avec une ex-escortes?
  200. Rub and tug
  201. Amazing sex records
  202. What would you do? To nail or not to nail?
  203. Do u keep ur ex's numbers in your phone?
  204. Just when you thought you've seen it all...
  205. My GF started browsing MR, what should I do?
  206. Sa vous éceures pas le monde qui pisse loin de l'urinoire
  207. taking breaks in a relashionship
  208. Another break up story. I have to...
  209. Oral vs Anal vs Vaginal
  210. Say you are fooling around with a girl,
  211. Grossisseur de penis|penis enlarger
  212. Qui a déjà raser son ass??
  213. Every guy needs to read this
  214. How do you know if you are truly in love?
  215. quel est le plus beau cadeau donné a une fille
  216. fille dit le nom dun autre ??
  217. Snoring spouses...
  218. Sexual statistics
  219. Jusqu'ou êtes vous allés pour avoir du cul?
  220. Gf Striptease
  221. how long do you guys last in bed with a chickenhead
  222. Need Ideas / Besoin D'idees
  223. skipped breakfast....got violated by a hot nurse instead
  224. Did you realize...
  225. J't'en manque!
  226. Whats the most romantic thing youve done?
  227. pillow talk?
  228. truc pour fourrer dans le brun
  229. ASIAN vs LATINA
  230. I want to draw your attention to numbers 8 and 10.
  231. MILF... are they still tight?
  232. Ya tu vraiment encore des gars qui porte des bobette !??
  233. Bodygroom VS BodyCruzer!
  234. an ugly fat chick hate me at work
  235. Having a threesome
  236. Best sex you ever had?
  237. what do you think
  238. best place you had sex?
  239. vos ex ?
  240. Votre blonde qui choke quand c'est pas le temps
  241. is there actually a way to ask a woman to lose some "winter weight"
  242. May is national masturbation month
  243. Describe your first time
  244. Confus (long post)
  245. sexxy Girl Costumes
  246. One wild party (pic)
  247. where do u guys bring ur gf on dates?
  248. would you pay a hot girl 25 dollars a week for unlimited blow jobs ?
  249. Jetta bleu en dessous du pont de la Concorde.. je mexcuse!
  250. Did You Ever Paid For Sex?