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  1. I'd be down anytime let me know when its happening
  2. There are a few of us in those two or three blocks, my friend lives right next to fraser, he has an EP3 and is also on here. I am thinking about organizing a VSL meet either before or after the winter.
  3. LOL your practically my neighbor that's pretty jokes
  4. Nice! I'll look for a green civic next time. I live on Fraser which is really close!
  5. Hey dude, ya I also live in vsl I actually live on gold (I don't if you know the street). My current car is a 99 green civic that's stock and I passed by few times and spotted your car a few times Maybe next time I pass you can hook me up lol just kidding btw you also live is vsl?
  6. What's up man? I see you like in VSL too, what parts and what do you drive? If you pass by McDo often I've probably even met you before and not even known!
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