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  1. tripleA

    Remote Car Starter Issue Python 574

    I recently had an alarm/starter professionally installed on my 2008 eclipse. There is also a bypass installed. Problem is if I start the car let's say within an hour it works fine. If I leave it sitting for a long time it would start for 1/2 second and stop. I would have to remote start it again...
  2. tripleA

    Fenix TK10 tactical led flashlight

    Great condition and have all the parts that came with it. Turbo Mode is 225 lumens general is 60. Comes with 3 sets of CR123A batteries (sealed) which cost over $10. The LED is rated for 50,000 hours so you dont have to worry about it burning out. A steal for a bulletproof flashlight. Pics...
  3. tripleA

    Iphone 4 16g unlocked $70 Iphone 4 unlocked 16gig. Physically it's in very condition no cracks or anything but power and home buttons have to be pressed more than once sometimes. It can be fixed for less than $5 DIY. Comes...
  4. tripleA

    sweet 12" jbl sub sealed bassworx box Orion hcca D1200 amp $250
  5. tripleA

    need bodyshop for rust perforation

    the upper pillar on the driver side where the top door hinge connects is rusted out. lots of bodyshops don't do this, know of any?
  6. tripleA

    Alternate way of draining manual transmission oil 2001 Sentra SE

    So the drain plug is completely stripped and chisel did not work. Is there another way to drain the oil?
  7. tripleA

    Denon AVR-587 Receiver and Polk Audio R10 Bookshelf speaker with stand - $200

    I hard ever use it so am selling. Like new. Pics here:
  8. tripleA

    Canadiens Islanders Dec 13 Pair 112 row M cost price $340

    Great Seats!
  9. tripleA

    Canadiens Vs Oilers Tues Nov 8 $400 pair 112 M

    Text 514-409-6277
  10. tripleA

    3 X VIP La Ronde Tix for Fireworks $30 each this Saturday July 16

    Terrasse Section 502 Row C Seats 1-2-3
  11. tripleA

    Puppy or Small Dog Cage and Fence

    Adjustable Fence. $60 Cage. $60 Also great for little kids. lol
  12. tripleA

    Removing Amp Question

    I have cap which is connected to a splitter (+) which leads to each separate amp. If I want to remove an amp, do I have to disconnect the battery/fuse? Or can I just disconnect the (+) from the splitter. Thanks.
  13. tripleA

    Clarion 10" Sub in Sealed Box

    10" PXW1052 500 RMS / 1000 PEAK DVC 4 ohm Box is a sealed custom made 0.60 from future shop. Sub was bought last month, still have bill. $150.
  14. tripleA

    MTX Thunder TC4002

    2-channel car amplifier 100 watts RMS x 2 at 4 ohms (200 watts RMS x 2 at 2 ohms) 400 watts RMS x 1 in bridged mode (4-ohm stable in bridged mode) Mint condition. Bought Last Year. $200 or trade with an mono amp capable of a min. 400 watts rms at 2 ohm.
  15. tripleA

    Sub no longer works

    My sub just stopped working one day. I have a cap which takes the power and distirbutes it to 2 amps - 1 for the 4 6.5's and the other for the sub. I noticed that the cap no longer lights up so it could be dead. But the 6.5 work and the amp for the sub does light up but just no noise. I...
  16. tripleA


    Got some work done last year but was too lazy to post. Great work and prices. He can do pretty much anything. I had severe alternator whine in my front speakers, he custom made me premium RCA cables which fixed the problem.
  17. tripleA

    Stalling problem when changing gears to neutral

    This is a recent problem. When I usually need to slow down or stop, I just slap my manual transmission in neutral instead of downshifting. I don't push my car. Sometimes when I'm in 2nd or 3rd gear (about 3000-3500 rpms) and put it in neutral, the rpm's go so low the car stalls. Anyone have...
  18. tripleA

    Old speeding ticket in Maine or New Hampshire

    I got speeding ticket way back then which I never paid. Was so long ago (5-6 years) can't even remember which state it was. Anyways, I was wondering if I drove down to Plattsburg or Burlington and got stopped by the cops, would my oustanding ticket show up in their system and can they detain...
  19. tripleA

    Slightly used IPOD Nano 4 gig 2nd Generation for sale - $90

    Nano is about 8 months old and I've only charged it 4-5 times which shows you how much I use it. It is in mint condition. I received a 3rd generation for my b-day. Comes with a clear skin to protect the nano and a $20 itunes gift card. I will give you my new headset and usb cable (if it...
  20. tripleA

    LF Shielded RCA cables

    Need shielded RCA cables.