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    Examen Seau Rouge

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    U laugh U lose

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    Any full time traders on MR?

    *limited time. for about 30 seconds..
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    U laugh U lose

    usually this type of shot is found in cheap adult movies...
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    ** Official 2019-2020 Montreal Canadiens Thread **

    here's your contact. I'm sure jocelyn thibault is enraged somewhere, but everyone else is ok with it. you can see where the equipment sticks out, right? the player is moving in a direction that is parallel to the net. at this point the goalie is impeding the player, not the player impeding the...
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    Cali: you now get more jail time for wrong pronoun then intentionally spreading HIV

    c'est vieux, donc elle est pas noire. mais on savait que ca s'en venait.
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    This will never end, quand est ce que les gens vont se reveiller..

    to leard who rules over you simply find out who you cannot criticize - Voltaire. the UK government is afraid 'backlash' and being called 'racist' by immigrants. but it's not afraid of 'backlash' from its own citizens and being called 'incompetent' which it is for not fulfilling its mandate...
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    Canada to legalize weed officially

    I'm surprised this hasn't caused a huge cheer from the enthusiasts yet. some will be really high on Trudeau fulfilling a campaign promise. 4 plants per house allowed... in 15 months' time. 2018 will have the best Canada day...
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    some fake news guy makes bomb threats & sh*t

    A radical leftist journalist who was fired from the investigative site the Intercept for falsifying details in his stories has been charged tried to frame former gf
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    Marine LePen has more testicles than Justine Trudeau

    you mean more balls than this guy? he was going to wear a scarf himself, not only have his wife wear one.
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    Where do you guys get your firewood?

    I get wood every morning. I'm on fire!
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    Bataclan - victims tortured, police covered it up.

    new info on Bataclan attacks: for the naysayers, official transcript...
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    you're joking right? a couple of years back I found my car like this. a truck turned left and cut it open. funny thing is I was parked across from a police center. someone that works there (not a cop) saw it and told the trucker, and the trucker told him he'll go turn and come back to leave his...
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    Article: Canada only cars.

    and the best for last
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    Article: Canada only cars.

    the hyundai lineup PONY (in US only when it became EXCEL) he Pony was also exported to Canada from 1983, but not to the USA because it didn't pass Federal emissions standards. Canadian sales greatly exceeded expectations, and it was at one point the top-selling car in that market, as they were...