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    Woke thread (any speeches anti-LGBTQ+, againts minorities & social injustices) This is a joke right?
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    Yo WTF is up with all these stabbings and shootings lately?

    pour une fois il y a eu justice du ciel - merci d'avoir sorti le vidange.
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    DrDevil87's great big thread of available cars. (Stock or Pipeline)

    waiting for the price of the new landcruiser.. the US announced it yesterday starting at $55k.. so I assume it's gonna be in the low $70ks in Canada..
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    Tesla Model 3 “Highland” Test Drive

    Yes I think so when I first drove at night I noticed the highbeams being automatically on so I had to manually switch them off. I bet alot of them have no idea and still drive around
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    Asylum seekers coming through Montreal airport in record numbers

    To be fair, it's not the CBSA agents, they are just foot soldiers taking orders from Ottawa and they process them according to what Ottawa wants
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    Pont Champlain vidéo live.

    Helps to see what's going on in the morning.
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    The Netflix / AmazonVideo thread

    Just watched 'the bee keeper' with Jason Statham. It's a typical action movie but my surprise came when Jeremy Irons appeared for a whole...maybe 5-10 minutes in a very forgettable role as well as Minnie Driver who was in the movie for about a minute in total.
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    Asylum seekers coming through Montreal airport in record numbers

    NYC also has that new bail reform bill where people are caught and released lol ^ You know a lot of people will vote for Trump (and have) despite the fact that they hate him but they hate what's happening to their country even more? Imagine that. Well I wonder if I can just go to the US and...
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    Asylum seekers coming through Montreal airport in record numbers

    I'm just blown away by the whole situation. I get that people are leaving their backward countries for a better place and my parents were one of those folks in the 90s, following due process, legally in every sense. Just to open the borders like that is insanity and here we go
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    Asylum seekers coming through Montreal airport in record numbers

    It's a shitshow that people don't really see because a lot of Canadian news media will try to sweep it under the rug. There's a steady income of illegal refugees crossing the border every day yet the news is more concerned about Alberta's new pronoun law that requires parental consent if under...
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    Tesla 3/Y major price drop

    Considering the Model 3 RWD at the beginning of 2023 was around 60k this is such an amazing deal.
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    Asylum seekers coming through Montreal airport in record numbers

    US, Canada and Europe it's all over the place. In Europe, they just walk through and disappear, in the US, people from all over the world and not just Mexican literally cross the Rio Grande and walk into the US... All I know is 20-30+ years from now our children and grand children will live in a...
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    Est-ce que le marché de l'usager et du neuf sont finalement en pente descendante?

    The Bolt seems to have a few problems here and there. My coworker got a Bolt while I got the Model 3 around the same time. I have 0 issues and he had to call a towing twice on his bolt - the car wouldn't start and wouldn't shift. He's pissed off because he wants to get rid off even at a loss but...
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    Commandez votre VinFast

    At dix-trente they have one (I think it was a security vehicle) and yesterday I saw the 7 and 9 at carefour laval. They were ok looking but I could see some weird things like to open the rear hatch you press a button on the screen which unlocks it and then you gotta manually open it apparently...
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    Official UFC Thread

    ^ I forget which event it was but in between fights they were filming to capture the real thing, they even did it during the weigh ins
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    La victime des méchants occidentaux, Adil Charkaoui a besoin de votre aide.

    What a proud representation of Montreal/Quebec and Canada these 2 men, splendid! /s
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    The Netflix / AmazonVideo thread

    Badland hunters on netflix. It has Ma Dong-Seok (Train to Busan, The round up, etc) in it so I automatically watch it. It's a familiar story but a bit more blood and even an hommage to a TV series from the 80s.. very entertaining film
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    The Netflix / AmazonVideo thread

    Maybe not netflix/amazon but I just watched 'testament' by Denys Arcand. It's a beautiful dramedy that critiques and makes fun of society right now, I thought it was very well done with lots of famous cameos. I'm sure it will win prizes.
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    Official UFC Thread

    Damn so every single Canadian male UFC fighter lost last night.... Jesus...