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Vasseur is seriously smart and reminds me of Jean Todt. While Hamilton might know he won’t be competitive for a WDC run they could be working on something for 2026. Vasseur knows Ferrari needs a shake up and a guy like Hamilton will bring knowledge and new methods. Also for Lewis it’s a solid move, good retirement planning and who knows what will happen. The fact he left MB shows they have fallen off the deep end and it was time for a change. Ferrari is the second best car on the grid
Yeah I mean, I'm sure they paid dearly to buy him out.

And, athletes at the end of their careers are not as good as they once were, he's maybe past his prime, Mercedes didn't get the car right, not exactly a winning combination. It's going to be difficult at Ferrari also.

FIA have some good points like building a 2025 car to the current regulations, and then a 2026 car to new regulations, within 1 year. But it remains:

  1. USA is the biggest un-tapped market for F1: people have money and the sport is gaining popularity among young viewers.
  2. F1 doesn't have an American manufacturer
  3. There are now 3 races in the USA
I will be surprised if he matches or beats Charles
I don't think Hamilton stand a chance against Charles Leclerc. I believe he will use his age as a excuse of why he can't perform.
I’m not sure Leclerc is in the best mental state and having big payday Hamilton there is going to be a factor for him. You basically are a Ferrari family member and “the boy” then Hamilton shows up who can still easily put his elbows out

Can Hamilton go a full season against max? Prob not but he sure can stick it to Leclerc
J'ai hâte de voir torpedo russell se contrecrisser de Hamilton cette saison.

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Nouveau livery de Sauber

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It was already brewing with Horner and Marko well before. Max and Jos are loyal to Marko
Has nothing to do with Marko.
It's between Redbull Racing / Redbull Powertrain technologies (Horner is CEO of both and etc etc) and people from Redbull itself (the drinks company) trying to take over those buisnesses. Can't remember the name of the guy.

What I read is that since Dietrich died, Redbull Drinks has been trying to find was to move Horner.
^That's exactly my conclusion when I heard the news.
The whole shabang was organized by Dietrich, Marko, Christian and Newey.
Now that late Dietrich is not an influential figure, they may be trying to take over.

Although this could all be bullshit speculation because power trip of someone internal, just as RedBull is back at the unshakable top.
Stupid if true, funny if speculation and internal troll shit stirring.

Jos has nowhere near the size of balls it takes to influence anything on this level.
RBR could sign Norris now and win just as they were with Max.
Max is spectacular but not irreplaceable, just like any other employee in any other company.
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