History Nerds Thread

Yuri Bezmenov - Soviet defector talks about how the KGB tried to tear the west apart by subvesrion. It's still going on to this day, of course other players are pulling the strings.

Kossak, do you mean history nerds, or your version of history nerds?

Because the two hardly ever match.
Kossak, do you mean history nerds, or your version of history nerds?

Because the two hardly ever match.

Steven Zaloga
Viktor Suvorov

il ne sont pas des Conspiracy freak.
il ce base que sur les fait. des vrai chercheur.

Ecoute Check le livre.
Summarising the western scholars' opinion on Icebreaker Hugh Ragsdale concludes that the book is "generally considered discredited" by now,[7] whereas Jonathan Haslam notes that Suvorov's claims "would be comical were it not taken so seriously".[8] According to the latter, "there is a significant segment of opinion in Germany that wishes to rehabilitate the Nazi past, and the end of the Soviet regime created an atmosphere favorable to the publication of the book." It is worth noting, however, that Suvorov draws much of his support from the former communist states of Eastern Europe, not just Germany

Or some Neo-Nazis on MR...
I click on the link at work. Site is blocked for...

lol. What a surprise.

Barnes Review was founded by Elmer Barnes, most noted historian of the early 20th century. He lost his status/standing because he spoke out against the Nuremberg trials as being kangaroo courts. (protip: they were)

In his spirit, the site now hosts essays and texts by historians exploring 'the other side' of various historical narratives.

As a result, fag0t groups like the SPLC call them hate groups and faggy web reputation companies just take their word for it.

Do not fear things that are contrary the blue pill dildosphere narrative. Read it and judge for yourself.
It's still part of a neo-nazi propaganda rhetoric. Sugar coated as you wish, throw some 12years old insults to the mix at me to make yourself look cool as you please.

I mean, it's not as if this as not been the perfect recipe to catch shit flies for ages.

I'll probably still be here pointing it out... or trolling you if that words resonates more with you.
It's still part of a neo-nazi propaganda rhetoric.

You throw those labels around as if they actually mean something, but they don't. Guess in your simpleton binary world view, anything that doesn't immediately demonize germany == skinhead rhetoric.

People like you are dangerous because you laboriously defend your state of willful ignorance. What you will never understand is that this attitude has been taught to you by people who specifically do not want you to think too hard.

Nothing you say will lead to any serious discussion because you're not interested in re-evaluating your beliefs. That's why when people say you should GTFO it's because they know any argument with you is a total waste of time because you are not interested in any other position than one the media has told you to accept.