MR BIke Meet 2024

Easily 7-8 years ago.

A few of use meet up with low CC bikes for a ride around St-Jerome/Morin Height.

Broody and I think 4frt were among the people present.
I wouldn't hit the states just yet...and yeah 10 or 11th of August works for me

Isn't lake placid 6h away??
184km from south shore...

6hrs in scooter? :p

I made back and forth with somes stops and a lunch, left at 10h00 came back at 17h30... 490km
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mostly the best nearest twisties to date!
It really is in in NYS along with area around and South of Stowe in VT.

Bonus "pleasant point" for VT road trip is you entering the USA via Noyan Qc and crossing through the Grand Isle State Park. You arrivenin the US just next to Burlington and you've skipped the less mountainous roads along the border.