Event Coverage: Tips On How To Stay Cool During Grand Prix Weekend in Montreal


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Grand Prix Weekend in Montreal traditionally falls on the second week of June, about a week before the official start of summer. Last year was a bit of an oddity in terms of weather because it was cool and raining but usually a smoldering heat is blanketing the city during the festivities. In addition to the actual temperature, other annoyances such as the massive crowds or gridlocked streets can cause people to lose their cool. We thought we’d put together a few tips on how to stay cool and how to keep your cool when attending the Montreal Grand Prix and some of the surrounding festivities.

Crescent Street F1 Festival

For almost two decades, the Crescent Street F1 festival is the place to be in downtown Montreal starting Thursday at noon. Here you will find various vendors, show cars and booths lining the street all the way from St-Catherine to Sherbrooke streets. There is a massive concert stage right in the middle of the festivities and the street itself is transformed into a pedestrian walkway. Police do a great job at controlling the crowd at the intersections but If you don’t want to get bogged down stick to the sidewalks which are reserved for faster moving foot traffic.

The festival is put on by the Crescent Street Merchants Association to draw in tourists which it does in a big fashion every year. Crescent is known for its spectacular restaurants, bars, lounges and dance clubs so if the temperature outside is too hot, you won’t have any trouble finding a spot to have a cold drink.

Pit Stop Challenge

The Pit Stop challenge is considered the main attraction of the event, receiving the most media attention. Throughout the three days, consumers, celebrities and media personalities alike will be invited to test their tire changing skills on a race car branded Degree. It’s a fully turnkey operation on a dedicated stage with a dedicated MC.

Passers-by will also have the chance to try industry leading VR technology and top-of-the-line racing game accessories which will immerse them in a world so real, they’ll think they’re competing in Sunday’s F1 Race.

Monkland Street Festival

If visiting the downtown core isn’t quite your thing, check out the Monkland Street Festival a few kilometers away in Monkland Village. This event is very similar to the Crescent street festival with live entertainment, a car show and street vendors. Foot traffic can be heavy at times but the local flavor of the crowd and festivities is unique and relaxing.

Peel Street
Peel Street is usually reserved for some of the high end exotic car clubs. Whether it’s Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini or classic cars, there is always something interesting going on here. Crowds are often lighter as the main bulk of the traffic is on Crescent.

St-Laurent Street

Not to be outdone by any of the other street festivals, the main (our local term for this hot spot) is closed between Sherbrooke Street and Pine Avenue for four days to celebrate Canada’s Grand Prix. This festival is filled with unique street-art-flavored festivities in addition to the obligatory car show. Don’t forget that the main is also Montreal’s nightclub hub and there is usually no shortage of celebrities to be found partying it up.

The Race Itself

The race takes place over three days at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on Île Notre Dame. Friday is for practice sessions, Saturday is for qualifying and Sunday is the big day. You can drive there but honestly the best mode of transportation is the Metro. Park somewhere downtown and grab a fifteen minute ride to the island. It’ll make life easier when the race is over and you’re not stuck in hours of traffic.

Check For Road Work

Since this is Montreal and it’ll be close to summer, road work will most certainly hamper your drive in and out of the city. Montreal just happens to be demolishing the Turcot yards which is the main highway artery in and out of the city. Check the province’s construction website to find out if there will be any street or highway closings before you leave and plan accordingly.
F1 died with the V10.

Au moins c'est encore des char a gaz, imagine quand ca va etre rendu avec des chars électrique ...

Les gens de St-Lambert chialeront pu a cause du son.
5 min au pit pour charger la batterie LOL
Au moins c'est encore des char a gaz, imagine quand ca va etre rendu avec des chars électrique ...

Les gens de St-Lambert chialeront pu a cause du son.
5 min au pit pour charger la batterie LOL

Ca exist deja, Formule E. http://www.fiaformulae.com/en. Je conduit une voiture electrique et je trouve ca cool par contre la F1 c'est la F1, je vais pas la pour voir des moteur de Civic avec des turbo. Je veux voir des V10 qui font du bruit.
Le festival du grand prix de la rue Crescent a ouvert ses portes cet après-midi au centre-ville de Montréal. Il y a eu quelques changements dans la configuration par rapport aux années précédentes, notamment que le spectacle s’étend sur la rue de Maisoneuve plutôt que plus haut vers Sherbrooke. Il y a beaucoup de fournisseurs présents mais pas autant de véhicules que nous l’habituons.

The Crescent street grand prix festival opened this afternoon in downtown Montreal. There have been a few changes to the layout compared to previous years, most notably that the show extends onto de Maisoneuve Street rather than above it. There are many vendors present but not as many vehicles as we are accustomed to.




























moi voir des autos de course qui font pas de bruit ca me hype pas trop disont...

un char électrique ca fait du bruit...

Moi aussi j'ai rien contre les voitures électrique, meme que j'aimerais bien ca essayer une Tesla, mais comme ca a été dit, la F1 c'est la F1.
Si l'atmosphère haute intensité de la rue Crescent est trop pour vous, essayez donc la rue Peel pour une expérience plus calme et plus sophistiquée. Des Porsches, Lamborghinis et des Alfa Romeos sont en vedette (et même le nouveau Acura NSX). Les restaurants de luxe ont ajouté des terrasses extérieures pour une ambiance incroyable.

If the high intensity atmosphere of Crescent Street is too much for you then consider visiting Peel Street for a calmer, more upscale experience. Porsches, Lamborghinis and Alfa Romeos are on display (and even the new Acura NSX). Luxury restaurants have added outdoor terraces for an amazing ambiance.
























Je vais au party de lancement de la F1 a l'hotel W a soir.

Will report si je croise des beau char. Quoi que je gosserai pas trop dehors donc aucune idée ce que je vais voir.
Au moins c'est encore des char a gaz, imagine quand ca va etre rendu avec des chars électrique ...

Les gens de St-Lambert chialeront pu a cause du son.
5 min au pit pour charger la batterie LOL

Ca arrivera pas en F1, fuck les char electrique en course automobile, aussi les estie de audi diesel de marde en American le mans Series on détruit la serie...de 2000 a 2003 c'était le best, ensuite ils ont tout ruiné quand ils ont enlever le judd v10 et la panoz avec gros v8