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FAQ - read before asking a question please

Q: I forgot my password / username A: click here. If your email has since changed then just register a new account.
Q: How do I post a picture? A: Read this thread
Q: How do I change my username? A: This is a function reserved for premium members only. To become a premium member click here
Q: How do I resgister? A: Click the button that says "register" for starters and then follow the instructions. You need to enter a valid email address because we will send you a link you must click on in your email before completing the registration. If you do not recieve the email within a few minutes you may request a new email here.
Q: Why doesnt my post count increase? A: Posts in Off Topic and New User Forum don't count.
Q: How do I change my thread title? A: You can only change it within 10 min. If not please PM a moderator to do it for you.
Q: How do I cancel my account with MontrealRacing? A: You can't. If you dont want to come anymore then just stop comming. No we will not delete all your posts.
Q: How do I change the language? A: At the bottom of every page there is a dropdown menu for this option.
Q: How do I sell my car? A: Go into the classified section and make a post with all the info.
Q: I need to contact a member A: Do not ask us to contact members for you. You can private message them and if they choose not to log on to the site or responds then your out of luck.

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