Well, I know that the neissan guys don't check in the FS section much, cause well there is nothing for us anywyas. But I got a set of msd 50lb injectors with the cutom rail to make em drop in in any SR20 (fwd or rwd high port engines e.i redtop and non s14/s15 black top) I got em, and well, the don't fit right on an s14 engine, so my loss is somebodies gain. I just spend 820 bucks on some side feed injectors, so, I will let these go for 600 or best offer. don't make stupid ones though, I can always send back the injectors and get a certain amount of money left. My loss is somebodies gain... don't blow an engine from running lean.

(btw, just an safc is plenty to keep these in check)

Oh, and I will garauntee them, cause if they don't work, I can send em back and get em replaced. They were never used, but were flow benched.

heres the FS post for em