Time to sell.

1972 Ford Mustang ''Mach 1''
Engine : 351 Windsor HD Fully Rebuilt ( 700km's ), Twin Turbo, Running VERY conservatively ( 6-8 psi ) which pumps out a very decent 500-550hp est. ( Turbo's rated for 30 PSI + )

The car was COMPLETELY restored, and I mean Completely ! Not just a re-spray.. It was completely dismantled, blasted, each and every piece was either restored or replaced. New interior, New Exterior, New 1st Quality paint job, The car is pretty much flawless ( Of course I am biased ).

The car has done 700km's since it is out of restoration. The cluster was replaced with a new one, since there was none in the car at purchase, therefor mileage unknown, but basically, with the restoration that was done, we can call it 700km's.

Reason for sale : Purchased a 1969 Charger and moving to restoration and modification phase with it.

Price : 32,500$ Neg.

Price : 32,500$ Neg.

Thank you. ( I speak French )