This car was recently bought as a track car with a cage inside. The car was reverted to a more ''daily drive'' type of car, but it will still see the track from times to times. So the owner wanted to give a nicer look to the car, but going crazy wasn't needed either because it would still see some track and there's so much you can do to a ''beaten'' paint.


Full track decontamination
3step polish
waxxon's Special Reserve wax for that ultimate shine !

Initial condition ; Obviously it was pretty beaten up!

Owner removed the sticker himself creating TONS of DEEP scratches which took me A LOT of times to correct WITHOUT burning through the paint.

Entered the car inside to inspect the damage on the paint in term of scratches and swirls ;

Pretty beat up right ? Let see what I was able to achieve in term of correcting ;

Not too bad isn't it ?? Well I can tell you the owner was very impress with what was possible to achieve for a simple 1-day detail job !

2 layer of my own custom made for Waxxon Special Reserve wax

End result ;

Look at those sky reflection !! :O Love this deep green paint !

I wasn't able to do much about those faded white plastic, a bit better since they were deeply cleaned and then treated, but not 100% and will need regular maintenance. Ideally it would be best to change it.

Pour une question de polissage réalisé à montreal.. alexandre.lemay @ hec . ca

For more info regarding this polishing job, detailing , done in the greater Montreal , please contact me at alexandre.lemay @ hec . ca