I have a Panamera 4 base v6 2012.
I installed the x-pipe from Fabspeed and had to remove the 3 resonators, welded quadtips. Looks awesome, the car feels faster.

BUT The car sounds very raspy... it sounds WORSE than my sister's honda civic !

Will a muffler delete fix it ? or the raspy note will be always there (due to resonator delete)

or should I keep the xpipe and install an axle-back exhaust system like this

https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Porsche-970-...ash=item5b25dc 3240:g:l3AAAOSwqBJXV0LC&vxp=mtr

I know it is a v6, I am looking for a deep sound

I called a couple of places in montreal, didn’t get a lot of help...

Thank you