This Audi RS7 is quite new. Not even 6 month old. However, the owner really wanted his car washed and ended up using an automatic car wash in NY. Paint was totaled LOL !! So he went to an Audi dealer in Quebec to get it detailed and little did you know, the finish was as worse if not worse than before lol... So here I come ; to end up this never-ending mess.

3-step polish
2x layer of nano coating
Quick interior detail

See by yourself the finish of this paint lol !! Horrible... Can't believe the dealer let the car roll off with such a poor finish.. I mean, the ''detailer'', the driver, the service advisor etc.. No one ever caught how poor the finish was ? Oh well ! Thanks to dealer for giving me jobs

Paint thickness is fine, between 100 and 110 microns. pretty consistent.

Inspection now ; much much better ....

But the end result was lovely !

Protection for the interior + pic of the inside.. lovely interior Took some extra pictures so we can all enjoy the alcantara, leather, carbon fiber combination.

Pulled the car outside to inspect the work ;

Pour une question de polissage réalisé à montreal.. alexandre.lemay @ hec . ca

For more info regarding this polishing job, detailing , done in the greater Montreal , please contact me at alexandre.lemay @ hec . ca