This is quite a huge detailing project (that happened a few times ago, but never posted) to present but truth is, I had only one chance to detail the car being such a rare car and when I got the call, I was actually at the gym lol ! So I flew in my car, got to my place, took my detailing gear and headed to this beautiful Porsche 918 Spyder. Just like I remember with the Bugatti Veyron, the first time, I had very little time to detail the car, like 2-3 hours gives or take ( ironic isn't ? I just wish later on I will have another chance and this time have more times with the car). So we only did the strict minimum ;

1-step polish package ( final polish just to remove hologram and improve a little the depth/gloss)
Nano-coating on the silver paint and 2 layer of Special Reserve waxxon wax on all carbon fiber parts.

Also, camera photo didn't came out too great, which is another shame

So i'm not sure what happened here, I have serious doubt that Porsche would let a 918 leave the factory with holograms, but few panels on the car featured buffer trail as you can see ;

and then within a few pass of final polish, we ended up with a clear reflection ;

Getting Charged up !! ready for trippy acceleration !

Application of the nano coating and wax ;

Such an exotic car... love Porsche for it's finest.. the car is not as wild as other 1 million exotic, but it sure is elegant and very fine to detail:

Pour une question de polissage réalisé à montreal.. alexandre.lemay @ hec . ca

For more info regarding this polishing job, detailing , done in the greater Montreal , please contact me at alexandre.lemay @ hec . ca