The owner of this Tesla just bought his car. However, the car wasn't perfect out of the dealer. On top, he was told by 2 other Tesla owner to get his car nano-coated for maximum protection. Let's look at the defect

Everything was there ... sanding mark ( white spot), pigtail, hologram, swirl marks, scuff on the tailgate.

Paint thickness is fine so we got plenty to play with.

So well.... I got my polishing game and here's the result pre-nano coating ;

pretty flawless, the owner was very happy about it !

And here's the final result ; (Application of Aquapel on all windows and nano coating on paint)

Took the car outside for more great reflection ;

Moral of the story ; even if your car is brand new, most likely it will need some polishing times and a great protection like nano-coating instead of the stuff your new car prep comes with !

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For more info regarding this polishing job, detailing , done in the greater Montreal , please contact me at alexandre.lemay @ hec . ca