The owner just picked up his new bike, a ducati 959 panigale, pretty sexy bike!! and since the dealership did a terrible job of prepping the bike, well he came to me for a polishing + protection ( nano coating).

Decontamination of paint
2-step polish
2 layer of nano coating
no dressing as I didn't want to make anything slippery !

Since my gauge only read ferrous and non ferrous material, I could only read the gas tank ; helfty paint tho!

Some rubber tar and other dirt that needed to be cleaned ;

Look at all this grease stuck on the wheels barrel ;

and now look at those pesky buffer trail.. I mean, you only had one job and it was detailing a few inch of paint in the front and they still messed it up lol.. Good thing I'm here !

Application of the aquapel on mirroir and nano coating on paint ;

Once done, the paint looked much better and deeper red ;

Dirt were cleaned using different brushed and air compressor ;

I also did a protection on the leather seat ;

Time to take it outside ! gorgeous bike

Pour une question de polissage réalisé à montreal.. alexandre.lemay @ hec . ca

For more info regarding this polishing job, detailing , done in the greater Montreal , please contact me at alexandre.lemay @ hec . ca