Here we have a sexy GTR.. you guys should know by now that this is my car.. . But truth is I detailed so many of GTR in the past year that some customer became friends and i got to drive these cars a few times, sometime for a full weekend, so i know the feeling, but hey... i just have a thing for Skyline since i owned my R32 GTR for 8 years. Its nice to see the evolution of the skyline from different chassis.

With that said .... here we have a GTR that is winter-driven so it has some defect.. Under my spotlight, i could even spot bad polishing technique previously done on the paint.

Honestly, the owner was soo thrilled when he saw his car that put a big smile in my face


2-step polish
Interior detailed
2x layer of nano coating for that ultimate gloss

Initial condition,

here you can see the hologram on the paint ;

I know my R35 by heart.. this area NEVER GET POLISHED by most detailer..

but obviously, i have the right tool to do the job

same for these small panel.. they always end up getting swirled/faded or filled with white dirt/dust/wax

After the 2-step polish, paint is looking very good ;

paint thickness is also perfectly fine.

Look at this gloss my friend !! very nice for a charcoal paint ;

see those taillight, they never get that glossy without a proper polishing.

And now for the interior detailing.. it wasn't in bad shape, so mostly dust in crevice and light stain/mark on door card and such.. so easily cleaned this and gave the carpet a good clean with the hot water extractor ;

and now some pic outside to truely enjoy the reflection and gloss of this charcoal paint...

Look at this perl poppin' , look at this reflection.. this stance.. this stature. lovely :P can you tell i really love those car right ? I just love detailing...actually !

and for the fun of it.. some pic of my car next to the gtr ;

Excuse my car, it was last detailed 9 month ago and the car was washed like 1 week ago !!

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