Wow! Hard to believe but this Jeep Cherokee only have 1400 km on the counter and was delivered 3 weeks ago ( if not less). This was their prep work before a delivery of a brand new car. Owner told me he never washed or touched the car since he got it. So all theses scratches were done at the dealer, most likely. The owner said he never saw his car that shiny when he took delivery of it. I love to hear that comment

2-step polish
Nano coating
Trim protectant

Initial condition ;

Protection applied and paint reading ; At least the paint is really thick so there's room for the future.

Once the polishing done ;

Most of the scratches were minor and gone. A very few remained, but I didn't want to risk burning the paint ( especially a brand new car..) just to remove 3-4 more deeper scratches. Anyways, they are barely noticeable and under certain light only ;

She's now looking like it should have came out of the showroom ;

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