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Discussion: New Subaru Forester FUCK edition

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    New Subaru Forester FUCK edition

    The Subaru Forester Ultimate Customised Kit Special edition is a delightful nod to immaturity

    This show car build clearly lost something in translation

    [https://o][https://s]*Byron Hurd

    Subaru likely brought several serious concepts to this year's Singapore Motor Show. We sincerely hope that this is not one of them.*

    Meet the Forester Ultimate Customised Kit Special edition (little "e"). If you're old enough to be on the Internet, you certainly know exactly where this is going, and it's not anywhere appropriate.*
    In this lighting, it's hard to tell, but the F***S edition appears to be finished in Subaru's World Rally Blue, and the pin-striping is very likely STI's signature cherry blossom pink, but we frankly cannot tear our eyes away from the podium, which is emblazoned with the custom Forester's name.
    As*Top Gear Philippines*points out, it's otherwise a fairly generic show car. From the body kit that gives it a low-slung attitude to the custom paint work, nothing about the F***S edition appears out of the ordinary. It's even rocking a set of 20-inch Enkei wheels over yellow brake calipers.*
    We're not sure what exactly is going on under the hood, but we wouldn't be surprised to find the normal host of bolt-on factory and aftermarket power-adders, or maybe even a full-blown STI powertrain just for extra cred.*
    Inside, it has yet more of the trappings of a run-of-the-mill SEMA build. A huge touchscreen up front controls a custom audio system backed up by Focal amplifiers and a subwoofer. There's custom blue ambient lighting in the front cabin and a set of tablet-style monitors for rear passenger entertainment.*

    The execution leads us to believe that either its builders had no clue, or they simply gave no... well... you know

    ....please race on the highway !

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    brought to you by Subaru.... another pos

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