Well this is interesting:



Every last Sunday of the month, for the last 8 years, the Petersen has hosted a free cars and coffee for enthusiasts and the community to come together, talk about cars, drink coffee, and maybe even win an award! This is a tradition we do not want to lose and because of Covid-19, we had to get creative to keep it going.

This is how it will work. We have opened up the cars and coffee not just to our local LA community but the world by doing it online. All participants will submit a video of their car to the link below (nothing fancy- just a phone video will do!) We will compile all of your videos into a compilation over the next two weeks and premiere the compilation live on Youtube on the 10th of May. Again, this is open to the world, so as you watch, you’ll see enthusiasts from around the globe sharing their stories.

During the premiere, we will open up a poll to vote on the coveted People’s Choice Award. Following the poll and brief celebration, we will announce the Petersen Perfection award and Best in Show. All awards will be shipped to their owners following the event.

I really hope we can just go back to normal asafp, but for now, this sounds like a nice option.

edit : I'm sure some Mustang owner will still find a way to leave this event and plow down a few people.