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Discussion: Dodge Viper | 3-step + Special Reserve Wax | Detailed

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    Dodge Viper | 3-step + Special Reserve Wax | Detailed

    Friend of mine just dropped off his new Viper. Only 8xxx km on the clock, but it get used a lot + tons of show. So the car still show some swirl mark, even on white paint ! Oh yeah, and 2 days before, a baby bird got stuck INSIDE the car between the pillar and the seat. instant dead. Driving 120kmh. Crazy stuff loL!

    Oh and I also had a bad luck while detailing the car, god know how.. I broke the screen of my Galaxy S4 while being in my pocket detailing the Viper.. Went later that day for a Galaxy S8 ( guess I need to switch over my S4 for a S8 now lol)

    Engine bay wash
    3step polish
    Waxxon Special Reserve wax
    Quick interior

    The car arrived with bugs ; Good thing Sanszo's bug remover is pretty effective ;

    It's ''melting'' pretty quickly. I like it much.

    Engine bay got pretty dirty. I honestly told my friend it would be quick as it was only light dust, but it didn't !! It needed good scrubbing.. took me much longer than I anticipated.

    Looking great now ;

    Dirty parts and swirl mark. Good thing, no hologram.. car was properly polished before delivery ;

    As we can see, the car have more than usual swirl mark for a 8xxxx km car with white paint, at least, in my opinion. But we'll work some magic to make it shine again

    See that little part of carbon fiber, very hard to polish, but being carbon fiber, you can easily spot the mark. Here come's the Rupes Ibrid 1' tool.

    Boom. pretty much all gone now

    Fast forward to my polishing.. paint looks great again. Love the fact the black line has clear coat, no vinyl, much easier to correct and give an awesome reflective shine too. Paint thickness is very thick too. nothing to worry here ;

    My friend is not looking for durability but awesome wet looking shine. so I went ahead with my concours wax, which is exclusively custom blended for me by Raceglaze UK, for that maximum wet look shine. Still very proud of this awesome wax. On par with all the other high end wax I previously owned.. Swisswax Crystal Rock, Zymol Vintage etc.

    I know the car was getting a photo shoot in a few days hence why he stressed out for the detailing to be done quickly, but here's some pic I took after.. Love the car, has tons of curve and even though, it's a white paint, it's still offer some crazy reflection.

    Pour une question de polissage réalisé à montreal.. info at waxxon . com

    For more info regarding this polishing job, detailing , done in the greater Montreal , please contact me at info at waxxon . com
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    Honestly that GTR looks like a brand new car haha!

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    Ouin, elle avait besoin d'amour cette Viper la !

    Nice job que tu as fais

    Elle ressemble a celle que Flames avait

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