This car is only about 1000 km old. It's a new Audi TTs, but the dealer really f*cked this car badly... The owner couldn't tell exactly what was wrong with the car, but he knew something wasn't right and he didn't want to go back if they messed it up so badly on the first time. Here I come to the rescue !


2-step polish ( yep.. needed a compound on a few spot, suck!)
2x layer of nano-Coating

Initial condition ;

Look at those buffer trail, hologram, some swirls and some bigger marring/scratches on the roof.

Really.. see how bad this car was delivered.. we're talking a car worth pretty close to 80k$.. Oh well! That's more business for me

Once my polishing was done.. clean paint like it was meant to be ;

Time to apply the nano-coating!

Here's the final result, inside shot and outside shot. Look better than it would've never had coming out of a dealership. thanks to special jeweling polishing and Nano-coating, stuff that dealer don't use ;

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For more info regarding this polishing job, detailing , done in the greater Montreal , please contact me at info at waxxon . com