Im currently out of work, im a 15 year mechanic and fully equipped here in pointe claire. Im looking to take on any work that can be done without a lift, and Im equipped for diagnostics, and even capable of vehile specific module system updates released by the dealerships.

I am also offering vehicle inspection that include a full printed report, which in great detail report on all vehicle electrical systems, starter charging and battery diagnostic testing, running issues, TPMS system verification, and sensor health, brake inspections, with details including pad material status and accurate measurements. all included within the report.

You will also receive a report which explains what maintenance is due, will soon be due and maintenance that is overdue. From there you can have me take care of the work, or I can recommend shops closer to you, or you can take the report to your regular mechanic.

If I can help you at all, my rate is $30 per hour. Your welcome to stay and wait, or you can leave the car an come back when its ready. Please message me if you have amy questions or details.

Thank you,