Championat Québec Show & Shine

Championat Quebec Show & Shine

We are happy to announce the creation of the Championat Quebec Show & Shine – a collaboration between many of the largest show promotors in the province which aims to standardize the way judging is conducted.

Participants will be awarded points on a cumulative basis over the course of the summer and a champion will be crowned at the end of the year. There will be two divisions to the championship: Amateur and Pro. Participants will automatically be put into one of these categories after having attended two events based on their score:

Amateur              (average score between 0 and 60)

Pro                         (average score between 61 and 100)


Participant points will be calculated by adding 3 parts:

  1. Scoresheet points
  2. Trophy points (if trophies are won)
  3. Event participation points


Scoresheet Points

The scoresheet is judged on a total of 100 points. Participants will not have access to the scoresheet but will have access to their final score after the event. The scoresheet consists of 5 categories:

Cleanliness & Quality – 20 points

– Overall cleanliness        10 points

– Trending factor              5 points

– Overall quality                5 points

Body/Exterior – 25 points

– Originality                         5 points

– Paint/color                       10 points

– Body parts/work           10 points

Motor/Performance – 25 points

– Engine presentation    5 points

– Engine swap/add-ons 10 points

– Modifications                  10 points

Stance/set up – 15 points

– Wheels                              5 points

– Suspension                      5 points

– Brakes                               5 points

Audio – 15 points

– Audio/video                    10 points

– Quality overall                 5 points


Trophy Points

If you win a particular category, you will be awarded bonus point in additional to your scoresheet. A total of 5 participants in each division are awarded a trophy for a maximum of 10 trophies. The 5 trophy categories are the 5 show and shine categories. The value of the trophy is the total number of points available on the specific categories on the scoresheet.

Ex- the person who wins the trophy for best motor performance, will be awarded an additional 25 points towards his total points for the event.


Participation Points

Each event will have a certain number of participation points which will be posted ahead of time. These participation points are to be added after the scoresheet and trophy points (if applicable)

End of Year Trophies

Each division will receive the following end of year trophies awarded by the cumulative scoresheet results.

– Best JDM

– Best KDM

– Best EURO

– Best Domestic

– Best of show

– Best of each of the five show and shine categories

Major Events

Some events will have a higher level of importance in terms of scoring due to their size. These will be called major events (similar to what you see in sports such as Golf or Tennis). At a major event, the total amount of points awarded will be double that of a regular event.

The car show season will consist of five major events and a number of standard events. Please check the event calendar regularly for updates but participants will be notified by email whenever there is a change.

Major Events in 2017:

Honda Fest


Car Fever

JDM Fest

Cars On Fire

Eurokracy is Euro-only but this will be balanced out by the Japan-only JDM Fest and Honda Fest. Because Honda Fest is Honda-only, Honda participants will only be allowed to choose either Honda Fest or JDM Fest as a major event but not both. We will automatically choose the highest score from the two events and that score will be doubled to function as the major event score. It’s perhaps a slight advantage for Honda owners but given the makeup of these events we feel it’s the fairest way to conduct things.

Effectively it works out to three scoresheets from major events: Cars on Fire, Car Fever and one of either Honda Fest, JDM Fest or Eurokracy.

Standard Events

Spring Bash

DMC Round 1

LOW Show

Paul Walker Memorial Ride

DMCC Round 2

DMCC Round 3

So Clean Show

DMCC Round 4


DMCC Round 5

Modified Skyrise

DMCC Round 6

DMCC Round 7

Super Auto Show

Street Fever

Drag Fever


It’s not mandatory to participate in the Championnat Quebec Show & Shine to be a part of any event but only registered participants will be eligible for the year-end prize and have their scoresheets be tabulated and posted on the neutral website of over the course of the year.

Click this link to register.

The registration fee is $40 and will go toward paying judges, trophies and prize money as this is a non-profit initiative.