Date: 12-14 Octobre, 2007

Localisation: Stade Olympique, Montreal, QC

The 2007 Castrol Sport Compact Performance Auto Salon hit the Olympic Stadium this weekend with a vengeance. From the IKON models, Club Civic Quebec, everyone was dressed to impress and the crowd was loving it. Hot rides included an Audi R8, the Top Tuner Solstice and the Saturn Super Sky among many others. Bigwigs like Kenwood, Hankook and Greddy put on quite the displays, but it was gas mogul, Shell, that really caught the crowd’s eye with a Ferrari F1 car alongside a F430 proudly on display. SCP is all about the glamour, glitz, guts and girls of the sport compact world and although the number of big commercial displays and out-of-town competitors seemed to be a bit less than last year, this year’s show did not disappoint.

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