Showtime Interlaken 2014 – 130 pics

While I was in Zurich two months ago I decided to stop by Ruf since the last time I went there was in 2011. With a welcoming staff as always, Marcel Ruf gave me a tour to show me their latest work.

Just as in 2011, I was just in awe as I followed Marcel around the shop. Among the cars in there, I saw the first production Yellowbird in for servicing, RT35S in production, a 73 RS receiving its final touches in a complete restauration, a Turbo S that was in for conversion and another car getting a full conversion including rain gutter delete.

Awesome place and I’m glad I got to visit again. Here are 3 pics of a sweet pair that just left the shop.

The following day I took some of my good friends to see what Porsche is all about. What better place to show them than at the military airfield in Interlaken, where the annual (or almost annual) meet takes place.

What I loved about this meet is that although there must have been over 500 cars, every car was unique in its own way, no two cars were the same.

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