Pristine 1997 Acura Integra Type R Hits $40,000 On Ebay. Only 10K miles!

Update March 23, 2015: The auction has ended and after 87 bids, the car sold for $43,300 USD. That’s one heck of a haul for the 18-year old car.

Original Article March 19, 2015: This pristine 1997 Acura Integra Type R from Phoenix, Arizona has only been driven 10,000 miles and is for sale on Ebay. The bid is currently $40,100 USD!!

The owner has kept it 100% stock and even has the original window sticker from the sale. As you can see, it retailed for $23,535 USD at the time of purchase. For it to sell for over $40,000 (a 70% increase) would be simply remarkable.

Due to the limited amount of Type R’s that were produced, its impressive performance and extreme popularity, few really clean unmodified ones still exist. The majority fell victim to either theft or were crashed. You can probably pick up a relatively clean one with high mileage for around $10,000 or so which is still very good for a 15-18-year old Acura.