Man Comes After Family With Chainsaw In Saint-Jérôme Road Rage Incident

Update 10:29PM, April 6: The chainsaw-wielding man in the video has been arrested and he could face several charges according to police.

“He will face charges of assault with a weapon for starters…and he could face more charges,” said Saint-Jérôme police spokesman Robin Pouliot said according to CBC.

He is scheduled to appear at the Saint-Jérôme courthouse Tuesday morning.

Original article: This is one of the most messed up stories we’ve ever posted. On Sunday Karine Cyr posted a video to Facebook showing an altercation her and her family had with an insane driver over the weekend.

Cyr, Alexandre Hermenier and their two children had decided to spend the weekend in Mont Saint-Sauveur. When they encountered an erratic driver in a green Ford Windstar minivan, the father decided to follow the driver while the mother called police.

They ended up in a dead end together and the driver of the Windstar decided to get out with his chainsaw and threaten the family. In the video you can hear his kids screaming in fear as the man presses the chainsaw up against the van window.

After the altercation, it seems both drivers drove to a police station in Saint-Jérôme where Hermenier tried to have chainsaw-wielding man arrested. The officers simply suggested he file a road rage complaint as they were unaware of what had happened.

“In an interview with TVA, Hermenier admitted he probably over reacted and should have simply left the matter to police form the beginning.

“Non, ce n’est vraiment pas intelligent ce que j’ai fait et je déconseille à tout le monde de faire ça. J’étais très fâché et je voulais que ce monsieur là se fasse arrêté parce que j’ai eu peur pour moi et je me suis demandé s’il pouvait refaire ça d’autres familles. Ça n’a pas de place sur les routes une personne comme ça. Mais je n’aurais pas dû faire ça, c’est clair”, he said.

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Posted by Karine Cyr on Sunday, April 5, 2015

Source: TVA