Lamborghini Montreal Cars and Coffee 2

Lamborghini Montreal put on another successful Cars and Coffee event at their location in Kirkland yesterday.

The event is free and food is sold to raise money for the Starlight Foundation. Their parking lot is filled with high end cars as you can see from the photos and not just Lamborghinis. Exotic and luxury vehicles of all kinds come out to enjoy the show. A Ferrari F40 and Bugatti Veyron were among the superstars this week.

There is a certain amount of screening that goes into which cars are allowed to park in the show and which cars are directed to park across the street. It caused a tiny bit of controversy online after the first event but in the end far more people understood that if you want to have a show filled with high-end cars this has to be part of the process.

There will likely be a third event as it’s growing tremendously in popularity. We’ll keep you updated. For now, check out the photos in the forum. It’s well worth the click: