Candidat pour voiture de l’année: Acura Integra 1997

Jérôme Leblanc – Acura Integra 1997

Nous allons regarder chaque candidat individuellement dans les prochaines semaines afin de générer le plus de visibilité possible pour la compétition de voiture de l’année. Que pensez-vous de la voiture de Jérôme?

Pourquoi on l’a choisi: Jérôme prouve que l’Acura Integra peut  être transformée encore en bolide impressionnant en 2015!

Donner son véhicule un score de 1-10 (1 = mauvais 10=parfait):



Intake rbc fully polished

Tb hybrid racing 70mm

410cc rdx injecteur

Skunk2 alpha headers

Mugen twin loop muffler


Hybrid racing shifter

Ktuned hose radiatior

Fwin radiator

Hasport motor mount

Roues et Suspension

CCW lm20 16×8.5 et13

Skunk2 pro c coilove

Skunk2 lower control arm

Asr subframe brace

Asr sway bar 5lug convertion

Energie bushing urethane


Nardi stering Quick release hub nrg Recaro sr3 black Password jdm strut bar rear and front


Front end jdm with HID headlights

euro taillight & euro rear bumper fog is holding a competition for Car of The Year where the public has the chance to choose which ride impressed you the most this summer. You’ve seen them at events all season and now that 2015 is drawing to a close its fun to look back and see who made the biggest splash.

We understand there will be concerns and expect a lot of criticism regarding how these ten vehicles were chosen simply because there are so many to choose from. If the competition is a success we can look to expand the categories and scour the events more thoroughly in 2016. Are there vehicles that deserve to be here but were overlooked? Most definitely but the idea for the competition was only conceived at the end of October so please bear with us as there wasn’t enough time to create something extremely large.

The rationale for the selection was to include builds that were finished or changed in 2015. We also wanted to include light builds (wrap + drop + wheels), themed builds and major mechanical builds. It’s clear that next year, more categories are warranted for different budgets but for this initial competition we’ll group them together and see how the vote falls.

MR members suggested builds that were posted on the forum be given their proper recognition so what will happen is a second award for Best Build Thread will also be held this year.

For now, check out the galleries for the different contenders and cast your vote. The vote will be open for several weeks and the results will be announced in the spring as a part of our new magazine launch! More on this later.