Candidate for Car of the Year: 2000 Volkswagen Golf GTI GLX

Dave Scarsini – 2000 Volkswagen Golf GTI GLX

We’ll be looking at each candidate individually in the coming weeks in order to generate the most visibility possible for the competition of Car of the Year. What do you think of Dave’s car?

Why it was chosen: The quality and details of this build are just top notch!

Give his ride a score from 1-10 (1=bad 10=perfect):

ENGINE: 12v VR6 Autotech 262 Cams, HD Springs 7lb Flywheel, MK3 custom intake manifold, Mk3 Modified aftermarket headers, Mk3 Mishimoto Aluminum radiator with custom mounts, 10” Mishimoto Slim Fans, all coolant lines in stainless piping, custom spark plug wires, full 3” Vibrant Exhaust, C2 Motorsports software, lightweight pulleys, A/C and power steering removed, relocated coil pack, Quaife LSD 6, Puck Clutch steel braided clutch line, Forge motorsport short shifter.

CHASSIS: Airlift Slam Series air suspension, Autopilot V2 management, Neuspeed rear sway bar, Yarrowsport rear stress bar, Audi TT front spindles + control arms + brakes, custom Mk3 engine mount conversion, 20th anniversary rear brakes, shaved/smoothed engine bay, removed rain tray and wipers, custom brake lines, Haggard Fab brake fluid reservoir.

OUTSIDE: Fiat 500 mocha latte paint. Euro front bumper, smoothed and painted, 4 motion front lip, 20th anniversary side skirts, shaved fender lights, shaved door moldings, Euro stubby mirrors, euro rear bumper, 20th anniversary rear valence with shaved exhaust cutout, shaved trunk handle, shaved antenna, oem Euro HID headlights, red tinted Golf taillights, air solenoid to open hood, smoothed and painted rad support, air horns. 17×9.5, 17×10 CCW LM5 wheels.

INSIDE: 337 Recaro seats recovered in diamond stitched brick red leather, diamond stitched leather doorcards/armrest, leather shift noot and handbrake, brushed aluminum trim, Audi TT pedal set, vintage Momo Corse steering wheel, R32 cluster, red stitched A/B/C pillars, rear seat delete, custom roll cage. air tank and compressors float-mounted with copper hardlines.

STEREO: Custom console with moulded Ipad Mini, autopilot v2 radio mounted behind passenger airbag, 5-Channel Soundstream amp, Infinity spakers all Around, 10” Mtx subwoofer in custom enclosure. is holding a competition for Car of The Year where the public has the chance to choose which ride impressed you the most this summer. You’ve seen them at events all season and now that 2015 is drawing to a close its fun to look back and see who made the biggest splash.

We understand there will be concerns and expect a lot of criticism regarding how these ten vehicles were chosen simply because there are so many to choose from. If the competition is a success we can look to expand the categories and scour the events more thoroughly in 2016. Are there vehicles that deserve to be here but were overlooked? Most definitely but the idea for the competition was only conceived at the end of October so please bear with us as there wasn’t enough time to create something extremely large.

The rationale for the selection was to include builds that were finished or changed in 2015. We also wanted to include light builds (wrap + drop + wheels), themed builds and major mechanical builds. It’s clear that next year, more categories are warranted for different budgets but for this initial competition we’ll group them together and see how the vote falls.

MR members suggested builds that were posted on the forum be given their proper recognition so what will happen is a second award for Best Build Thread will also be held this year.

For now, check out the galleries for the different contenders and cast your vote. The vote will be open for several weeks and the results will be announced in the spring as a part of our new magazine launch! More on this later.