Ontario Man Stops On Hwy 427 To Threaten Woman Driving 110km/h in Fast Lane

A video has surfaced online showing a dangerous road rage incident on Ontario’s Hwy 401 in which a man brings his Honda Civic to a complete stop on a busy highway in order to yell at another driver. The video was posted by Bella Brant and has since been viewed 420,000 times as of this writing.

So this just happened. We were driving on the 427 north in the left lane when these guys were behind us and started flashing their high beams. We were going 110, on a 100 highway. We tried to pass the truck beside us in the right lane but by time we got ahead their car came flying by and almost grazed our vehicle. They then began pumping their brakes and came to a complete stop ON THE 427 HIGHWAY IN THE LEFT LANE! And then this happens. Please share this video. There were only us 3 girls in the car so it is by God and God alone we are safe.

OPP Has said they have assigned the case to an officer but he is on vacation till Monday.

UPDATE: Police have said they may face assault charges.

Watch the video here: