Aftermarket Wheels To Be Banned In Quebec Starting Next Month

After taking the unprecedented step of banning the importation of right-hand drive vehicles in 2009, the Quebec government now has its sights set on another issue: aftermarket wheels.

Aftermarket wheels mean any wheel that is purchased from a store rather than at the dealer. Under the new rule proposed by SAAQ owners would be forced to keep the wheels that come with the vehicle at the time of purchase. Replacement wheels would equally be required to be purchased from a dealer.

SAAQ spokesperson Jean-Guy André Laliberté Chrétien was livid when asked him about the new rule in a phone conversation earlier this morning :

“It’s crazy how young ti-counes think they can put oversized wheels on their cars and drive on my roads. Do you know how much it stretches the tires when you try to squeeze a 19-inch wheel into a 17-inch tire? ”, Chretien said.

There is still a possibility to avoid the new rule that is certain to affect many aftermarket stores which sell wheels. Voice your opinion on our forum here where people are talking about this April fool’s day joke.