The benefits of having a traffic ticket Lawyer

Motorists in Canada can be ticketed for a huge number of reasons. The more time one spends on the road, the higher the chances are of getting in the crosshairs of the law. In Quebec we follow the “Highway Safety Code”. This covers anything from parking tickets, tickets with simple fines to the larger tickets of combined loss of demerit points coupled with high fines. In 2007 in the province of Quebec, police officers handed out  around one million tickets to motorists. From experienced drivers to new drivers, it seems at one point almost everyone will be faced with the option of paying or contesting a speeding (or any other type) of ticket.

Traffic offences can affect anyone, they are not reserved for a particular type of person, nor a particular type of driver. These traffic offences are not always well deserved. There can be instances where motorists find themselves in impossible situations, or wrongly accused of infractions in an unfair manner. A loss of demerit points can negatively impact someone’s life, for example causing them to lose their licence for a minimum period of three months, sometimes six months or even a year. After receiving a ticket, it is important to review your options and understand what they are.

When faced with a loss of demerit points, or even graver, the loss of a license it is important that you turn to trusted professionals who can fight your case in court. There are legal professionals that are there to help you do just that. These lawyers spend their days in and out of Quebec courts saving licences and tickets every day. Their work for you will save you time, hopefully money, and the headaches that come with dealing with the court system by yourself.

If they win your case, depending on whether you plead guilty to a lesser infraction or win the case completely, you will have many more benefits. It is possible that you will be able to save hundreds of dollars that you would have had to pay in fines, higher licence fees, and insurance rates. These benefits will be especially important in the long run avoiding higher insurance rates, higher licensing fees, and the possibility of being turned down for a job that requires a clean record. Because of such dire consequences, it’s important to have a professional that will be there to guide you through this legal quagmire to lead you to the best possible result.

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