Everything You Need To Know About The Upcoming Show Called Cars On Fire

MontrealRacing.com is partners with Cars On Fire – the massive event happening at Circuit Mont Tremblant next week. We thought we’d write an article explaining everything about the show and answer some frequently asked questions. The show is happening Saturday August 18 at Circuit Mont Tremblant in 11 days.

How much is the event?

Tickets are on sale online for $20+tax. You can also buy them at the door for $30 cash only. Kids under 12 are free! Link to buy tickets: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/cars-on-fire-2018-tickets-42992791597

Is there racing?

No. The track will not permit racing at this sort of event. The race track is being used to park vehicles anyways.

What about burnouts?

No. The track is in pristine condition and there are no drift demos or burnout competitions either unfortunately.

So what is there to see?

Cars On Fire is a good old-fashioned car show. It’s been designed so that regardless of the brand of car you drive, there is something for you to see. Show cars competing in the show and shine will be parked together by brand and each section has its own judges. For example, all the Nissan and Infiniti vehicles are part of Nissanfest. Next to Nissanfest is Mazdafest and so on. There is also Bikefest, Truckfest and a limbo competition by So Clean!

What if I’m with a club? Can I still compete?

Yes of course. Park with your club at the assigned area and the judges will find you.

How do I register?

To get approval to compete you must email info@carsonfire.ca and send photos of your car. Once you get approved you will be given further instructions regarding the time and special entrance for exhibitors and booths.

That’s it?

No. You need to grab a dash card at the door and write down your mods on it if you want to be judged.

Can I still be part of the show if I want to register same day?

Yes you can but the pre-registered show cars are given access to set up from 8-10AM. The main doors open at 10AM. If there is still space left in whichever section you’d like to park in then you can park there otherwise you’ll be directed to the overflow parking where cars are not judged.

Where do I park if I’m not in the show or with a crew?

You can park anywhere there is space but ideally you’d park with the “fest” that matches your car. Just check the map on the website here:


Is there a ride to the event?

Yes there are FIVE different meeting points for people to drive to the event. We call it the Mega Ride. Find one and go:


Can I participate in the show if I do the Mega Ride?

We won’t prevent you no but there is a risk of the show being full by the time you get there around noon. Judging starts at noon.

What if it rains?

It’s a rain or shine event. Last year in the rain a ton of people turned out and it was a huge success.

Is there food?

Yes there is a restaurant on site and another food truck.

Can I bring my dog?


Can I bring my own alcoholic beverages?


How many people are going to this event?

If we add up all the Facebook events plus the Cars On Fire main event there are over 13,000 going or interested. If it’s nice out this is a good indicator. Here is a link to all the events:

Site officiel Cars On Fire: www.carsonfire.ca

Événement Facebook principal: https://www.facebook.com/events/914620845381997/

Fan Page Cars On Fire: https://www.facebook.com/Cars-on-Fire-1586946821620365/

Le Circuit Mont Tremblant: https://www.lecircuit.com/

Eventbrite.ca: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/cars-on-fire-2018-tickets-42992791597

Truckfest: Pour les amateurs de hors route et de camions

Bikefest: Pour les amateurs de motocyclettes

VW Fest: Pour les amateurs de VW et Audi

Bimmerfest: Pour tous les propriétaires de BMW

Mercedesfest: Pour les amateurs de Mercedes.

Honda-Tech North: Une rencontre Honda-Tech.com officielle

Nissanfest: Tous les propriétaires de Nissan/Infiniti sont les bienvenus

Mazdafest: Pour tous les amateurs de Mazda

Toyotafest: Les propriétaires de Toyota/Lexus sont les bienvenus ici

Subicon: Le paradis des Subaru

Mitsufest: Pour les amateurs de Mitsubishi

Volvofest: Les amateurs de la marque suédoise ici

Hyundaifest: Pour tous les propriétaires de Hyundai

Fordfest: Pour toutes les Ford (qui ne sont pas des camions)

Chevyfest: Tous les véhicules de General Motors sont les bienvenus ici

Dodgefest: Tous les véhicules de marque Chrysler et FCA peuvent venir ici

Teslafest : Pour les Teslas

Categories Show & Shine:

Best VW/Audi: 1er, 2 ème, 3 ème

Best Honda/Acura: 1er, 2 ème, 3 ème

Best Truck: 1er, 2 ème, 3 ème Commandité par: GR Suspension Chambly

Best Nissan/Infiniti: 1er, 2 ème, 3 ème

Best Toyota/Lexus: 1er, 2 ème, 3 ème Commandité par: Perfect Tuning

Best Mazda: 1er, 2 ème, 3 ème

Best Mitsubishi: 1er, 2 ème, 3 ème Commandité par: Turcotte Racing

Best Subaru: 1er, 2 ème, 3 ème

Best Hyundai: 1er, 2 ème, 3 ème

Best Volvo: 1er, 2 ème, 3 ème

Best BMW/MINI: 1er, 2 ème, 3 ème Commandité par: AC Schnitzer Canada

Best Mercedes: 1er, 2 ème, 3 ème

Best Ford: 1er, 2 ème, 3 ème Alliance Ford

Best GM: 1er, 2 ème, 3 ème Performance Redline

Best FCA: 1er, 2 ème, 3 ème

Best of Show 1er, 2 ème, 3 ème
Ce sont aussi des catégories mais sans argent:

Best Airbrush/Paint

Best Graphics/Wrap

Best Engine

Best Interior

Best Classic Car 1er, 2 ème, 3 ème

Best Team Participation

Best Team Quality

Best Limbo

Best Limbo Miata