Td Privacy Agreement

TD Securities is committed to protecting your privacy and your personal, business and financial information. TD Securities complies with the codes, regulations and laws governing the collection, use and protection of your personal data. New agreement means coordination between TD and financial technology company on access to customer financial data The agreement with Finicity is part of TD`s response to the need for customers to use data stored by financial institutions for digital services. TD is a founding member of the Financial Data Exchange (FDX), a U.S. industry consortium that promotes solutions for better customer data protection, supports an API-based technology protocol and was recently introduced in Canada with the support of major Canadian banks and financial technology companies. TD has also recently invested in Akoya, a new U.S.-based company that will operate an API-based network to share financial data more securely. In Canada, TD has participated in government consultations to promote consumer-focused financing while helping to protect consumer interests. You give the contact information of your application to both TD (the Bank) and Aimia Canada Inc., owner and operator of the Aeroplan program. Your contact information is your name, postal address, email address, number (s), language setting and aeroplan member number (if you have indicated them). Aeroplan may use this information as described in Aeroplan`s privacy policy. Please note that any information transmitted directly to Aeroplan or received by aeroplan through a cardholder as a member of the Aeroplan program (including as a potential member) is subject to Aeroplan`s data protection policies and practices and is not TD`s responsibility.

If you have any questions or concerns about Aeroplan`s collection, use or disclosure, if you prefer not to be contacted about Aeroplan`s products or services, or if you would like more information about Aeroplan`s data protection policies and practices, call aeroplan directly or visit the Aeroplan website at The North American agreement means coordination between TD and Finicity on the protocols that Finicity must follow to access a TD customer`s financial data in order to meet the customer`s demand for the use of Financial Services supported by Finicity. At the customer`s request, TD transfers customer financial data to Finicity via a technology known as application programming interfaces (APIs), which may ultimately make it unnecessary for customers to share their bank login credentials or password to access third-party financial products and services.