Virginia Beach Lease Agreement

Communications (No. 55.1-1202 (A)) – communications can be sent electronically and this information must be provided in a lease agreement. This means that the landlord and tenant should include their emails in the contract. D. When a landlord receives insurance coverage on behalf of a tenant, the insurance policy covers the tenant as an insured. The lessor must recover from the tenant the actual costs of such insurance coverage and may recover administrative or other costs related to the management of a tenant insurance program, including a tenant who relates to the insurance coverage granted to the tenant in accordance with this subsection. When a landlord receives tenant insurance for its tenants, the lessor makes available to each tenant, before the execution of the tenancy agreement, a summary of the insurance policy established by the insurer or a certificate that inserts the coverage policy and, at the request of the tenant, makes available to the insured a copy of the insurance policy. This summary or certificate contains a statement indicating whether the insurance policy contains a waiver of the under-tax provision. The fact that the lessor has not submitted such a summary or certification or that he provides a copy of the insurance policy does not affect the validity of the lease.

B. Any tenant who is not made available to disclosure in Point A may terminate the lease at any time during the first 30 days of the tenancy period, sending the landlord by authentication or recommended letter, confirmation of return, written termination. This termination takes effect 15 days from the date of notification or (ii) of the date of payment of the rent, if that date is later. However, the termination date may not exceed one month from the date of delivery. The termination of the tenancy agreement is the exclusive remedy in the event of non-compliance with the provisions of this section and does not affect the rights or obligations of the lessor or tenant arising from this chapter, other applicable laws or the lease. E. The lessor must inform the tenant in writing of the deductions provided in this section of the tenant`s deposit during the lease. This notification is made within thirty days of the date of the liquidation of the UPstream VAT deduction and distributes the reasons in the same way as that indicated in subsection F.

No such notification is required for deductions made less than 30 days prior to the termination of the lease. If the lessor deliberately violates this section, the court orders the return of the deposit to the tenant, as well as reasonable damages and reasonable legal fees, unless the tenant is liable for rent to the landlord, in which case the court will order an amount equal to the deposit credited to the landlord on the rent. If the damage to the premises exceeds the amount of the deposit and requires the benefits of a third party, the lessor must notify the tenant in writing within the 45-day period required under paragraph A. If this is the case in this subsection, the lessor has an additional 15 days to process the damage and repair costs.