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With more than a 30-year retail career, Lesya has worked for a number of global companies, including Reitmans Canada, Walmart, Adidas and, most recently, Big W in various leadership positions in operations, e-commerce, merchandising and buyout, as well as president/CEO. After seeing Krunchbox`s results live through its own supplier partners, she passionately supports suppliers and retailers in the fight against GMROI and reducing working capital. Lesya, who now runs her own Canadian consulting firm, is pleased with the partnership with Krunchbox. The company is not responsible for the content of the information that appears on the network of its servers. It cannot support the guarantee or responsibility of information downloaded from the website by or for its services, or for the commercial or personal creditworthiness of a person who appears on the Internet, and is not responsible for any damage that may occur to a user/visitor or to those who treat or act with them, including data loss, for any reason, error or omission or omission, is not liable for damages or legal claims. Visitors agree to use the site under their own responsibility. As we all know, traders are constantly asked to do more and are thin. The key to supplier collaboration and success is to remove much of the distributor`s burden and conduct your own analysis and make value-added recommendations based on facts, increasing gross margin performance (GMROI) and operating under buy opening restrictions (OTBs). The is a website created by Retail Link SA. based at 362 Syggrou Avenue – Evripidou Str.

Kallithea, which is legally represented by registration number 55072/01/03/122, VAT number 999510645 FAE PIREAUS, Tel. 211-1063800 and email address Due to the overwhelming width and depth of data spewed by Wal-Mart Retail Link Service, it is a constant struggle for manufacturers to discover the key discoveries that enable profitability. Where should the analysis process begin? It`s a disconcerting conundrum that amazes even the most copious users of Retail Link, as they typically spend a lot of time creating and updating weekly scorecards and essentially becoming « data pulls and graph builders, » unlike the discovery, development and accurate communication of achievable business prospects. Although Retail Link is « as much based on trust as on the most modern technologies, » according to Nowacki, it is not hard to imagine how data can be used by competitors or even by the manufacturer against Wal-Mart itself.