Any Nissan Micra owners here?


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Just wondering if there are any Micra owners here? If so, what are your opinions on the car?


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I don't own one but i'm looking at them as a city car. They are cheap (vs fit, yaris, accent) seems to be reliable. Don't have the dreaded cvt or dual clutch problem(forget about versa note and focus/fiesta). Rust wise they seems better than average. Bigger and safer than the mirage/spark.
my mother in law was looking for a compact, and from my research micra was a very good choice, and the best for the price.
she ended up with a yaris for the resale value, but has a 4 speed auto...

also few micra cup parts are available for more fun. :ROFLMAO:
There is nothing wrong with a 4 speed auto yaris, boring yes, but they are reliable and more fuel efficient than the fit, yes I have owned both.

Good choice.