Event Coverage: GP Photos / Prenez le volant d’une voiture de Formule 1 Williams Racing au Portugal

Not a single person from the first meeting about making this video till the last person watched it before release noticed that it was not Mtl!? Not a single person in that chain bothered to look at a picture of Mtl, just to make sure that the video was not out of date and the city looks noticeably different today?
what a bunch of cucks.

how much money went into producing this failure?? they come to MTL every year for f1.
1) This used to be a ferrari city... I guess not so much anymore

2) This jus goes to show the ppl who run these businesses dgaf
Bande d'epais. C'est ce qui arrive quand tu as une bande de coké dans le département du marketing
Yup en vrai elle est assez folle je dirais, les photos lui rendent vraiment pas justice.

Peel starting to be set up for the weekend. Porsche 70th themed.






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