HAWK brake pad - PRE SALE!!!


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I think that is worthy of GB section posting.

As Canada's largest stocking performance and racing HAWK brake pad distributor, it is our pleasure to offer the MR community an opportunity to buy HAWK pads at 20% discount. This is a pre season deal and will not be repeated in 2013.
Already Perry Performance offers prices that are competitive- but with this offer, you will receive an additional 20%.

How does it works? EMAIL us and let us know what you need- car and application and we will advise you of the best pads for your use.You will receive a quote as well. Deposits will be required for non stocking applications, but with 500 pads in stock, we normally have you covered.

You need to mention HAWK BRAKE PRE SALE. Carl@perryautolaval.com or KEVIN@Perryautolaval.com

There will be orders closed in January and February, so delivery will be February and March.

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We will have 400 sets of pads arriving friday, emails will be sent , phone calls made.

DEALER inquiries welcome!
well its not really a group buy but even out of stock HAWK pads can be ordered on the Black Friday sale and will arrive with discount.

Besides this forum needed a boost!!