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Discussion: Autres modèles... Autres sticky

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    Lightbulb Autres modèles... Autres sticky

    je pensais à sa, ceci est une partie du forum consacrée a Nissan/Infiniti non?

    pourquoi ne ferions-nous pas des sticky pour d'autres modèles que les 240sx???

    moi je propose qu'on parte un sticky sur les 300zx parce que je n'en connais pas beaucoup dessus et j'aimerais me renseigner!

    qu'en pensez-vous?

    on pourrait mettre les maxima, sentra, nx et 350Z par la suite....
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    Peut-être si on ramasse assez d'info... parce que la la demande est pas là...
    Racer - Nissan 240sx - SR powered still going strong with 500HP
    RIP ***Daily driver - BMW 318ti - M3 Powered***
    Will be looking for a new loved one soon...

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    voici un bon debut pour un sticky de 300zx z32 1990 a 1996

    Spec 300ZX convertible 300ZX hb 300ZX hb (2+2)

    Wheelbase, in. 96.5 96.5 96.5

    Overall Length, in. 169.5 169.5 178.0

    Overall Width, in. 70.5 70.5 70.9

    Overall Height, in. 49.5 48.3 48.1

    Curb Weight, lbs. 3446 3299 3413

    Cargo Volume, cu. ft. 5.8 23.7 11.5

    Standard Payload, lbs. -- -- --

    Fuel Capacity, gals. 18.2 18.7 18.7

    Seating Capacity 2 2 4

    Front Head Room, in. 37.1 36.8 37.1

    Max. Front Leg Room, in. 43.0 43.0 43.0

    Rear Head Room, in. -- -- 34.4

    Min. Rear Leg Room, in. -- -- 22.7

    Year-to-Year Changes

    1991 Nissan 300ZX: A driver's airbag became optional this year, and a new base model joined the lineup. Additional standard equipment included heated mirrors, an illuminated entry system, a cargo cover, and automatic temperature control. All except the base model had a Nissan/Bose audio system. Base models seated two, had no T-bar roof, and came only with 5-speed manual shift.

    1992 Nissan 300ZX: Optional in 1991 models, the driver's airbag became standard this year. Otherwise, the 300ZX was little changed.

    1993 Nissan 300ZX: For the first time, the Z-car lineup included a factory-built convertible, introduced as an early 1993 model. Fitted with leather upholstery, the convertible had a manually folding top and a rear "hoop" over the interior, to increase structural rigidity and provide upper anchor points for the manual lap/shoulder belts. No other significant changes were evident.

    1994 Nissan 300ZX: A passenger-side airbag joined the driver's airbag for 1994. New standard features included remote keyless entry for all models, and a power passenger seat for the convertible.

    1995 Nissan 300ZX: No change was evident in the sixth season of this generation of Nissan's Z-car.

    1996 Nissan 300ZX: For its final season in Nissan's lineup, no significant change was announced. Nissan chose to focus its attention on higher-volume models, letting the 300ZX disappear. As before, the selection consisted of base and hatchback coupes (with or without T-bar roof), a Turbo coupe, a 2+2 coupe, and a convertible with leather upholstery. Since its demise, several versions of a potential Z-car for the future have been seen at auto shows.

    Engines : VG30DE et VG30DETT

    dohc V6 : manual 222hp 5 speed

    auto 222hp 4 speed

    dohc V6 turbocharged: manual 300hp 5 speed

    auto 280hp 4 speed

    Trouble Spots

    Clutch: On turbocharged models ,the clutch may slip because the clutch-pedal return spring is too weak. (1990-91)

    Fuel pump: Adding fuel-injector cleaner to the gas tank can cause corrosion on the fuel injector coils, which will eventually damage them. (1990-94)

    Poor drivability: A problem with the power transistor causes drivability and idle problems, and there was a voluntary recall to replace it. (1990-93)

    Power seat: The original power-seat switch sticks out and is often kicked and broken, but there is a revised switch with a shorter lever and stronger housing available. (1990)

    Windows: The power windows may shudder during operation requiring revised window regulators (1990-91), or the windows may not operate due to dust building up in the main power window switch. (1990-92)
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    240sx coupe
    swap sr20det
    nismo cam
    jwt ecu
    hks big core fmic

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