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Discussion: Besoin aide/info pour construire skid plate

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    Besoin aide/info pour construire skid plate

    Bon je me suis pair installer mes headers sur ma m5 et les collectors son plus bas que lauto fait peur de scraper ou craquer mes headers ...alors je veux me constuire 2 skid plate pour ca...ou un grad si cest mieux...

    Well after installing my headers I notice that they sit lower than the bottom of the car...enough so that I'm afraid I might scrape them or crack them on a good pot hole or speed I want to get either 2 smaller skid plates installed or 1 larger one...I can weld pretty good but I'm not sure if it's worth it for me to fabricate something or to go somewhere to get it professionaly done....

    If I decide to get it professionally done do you guys have any recommendations of good shops to fab me up something nice?
    How much you think it would cost?

    If I decide to fab it up myself what thickness plate should I buy? I want it to work and be effective but I want to try and save as much weight as possible...

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    I guess people are getting too lazy to even look on google. It took me about 5 seconds to find an headers skidplate model.

    Here you go big guy

    As for the thickness i guess something like 1/8 should be enought. Pretty easy to bend and strong enough for what you want.
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