The owner just bought it, he wanted the best for his new dream come true and detailing was part of his make-over build. This Aston Martin was bought from Calgary and most likely detailed there. Being silver colored, this paint was looking pretty good.. until further closer inspection of the paint... ! Let's look at it.

2-step polish

The paint was in good shape.. hard to catch the swirls in it, but as soon as I was polishing I could see the enhanced shine of the paint so clearly there was some kind of oxidation on the clear coat. A slight layer of oxide clear coat make it for a less shiny reflection.

Look at something interesting here ; we can clearly see that the clear coat on this car is of better-than-average quality. Why you may ask ? because it's harder to scratch it, thus less chance of swirls inducing on the paint while washing it. Look how the taillight show the swirls and scratches while the paint right NEXT TO IT isn't swirled at all. Goes to show the paint is of a harder composition.

The small pillar had some oxidation too ;

And on some area, I saw machine sanding marks ( pigtail). You will rarely see pigtails on OEM paint, but since it's an exotic, it's possible some work was performed on the car throughout his life.

See all those uneven marks and faded area ?

and I was right.. a repaint was done on some panel , the paint gauge don't lie;

So... I worked out my way through the compounding step and then finishing polish.. I had to do multiple pass on the bumper to remove the marks but then again I didn't want to burn the paint either so I believe I managed the problem properly, but had to take extra step so I didn't really take any picture in between.

Please enjoy those final shot ;

lovely reflection for a silver paint isn't !? gotta love exotic :0

that's some sweet detail in the wheel well ;

More inspection shot with my sun light ;

Pour une question de polissage réalisé à montreal.. alexandre.lemay @ hec . ca

For more info regarding this polishing job, detailing , done in the greater Montreal , please contact me at alexandre.lemay @ hec . ca