Gas at 80 Cents Per Litre Coming?

Gas prices continue to fall in Canada and it’s about freaking time! MontrealRacing member FieroAlex filled up his car in St-Catherine’s, Ontario for just 80 cents per litre!!

Now before you get too excited, this price seems to be a result of a local price war in that area only but it’s still nice to see. Normal price for the area seems to be about $1. In other parts of Canada such as Kitchener, the price has already fallen below $1.

A quick check of the lowest prices around Montreal reveals we are still hovering around the $1.11-$1.13 per litre mark.

One analyst says that prices could fall to 93 cents per litre by the weekend.

“Considering what’s happening globally with the demand picture, both for crude and for gasoline, prices have nowhere to go but down,” said Dan McTeague of