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  • hey....alex call me back at the garage......
    i wanna know what to do with the wheel,
    i taped it up and its ready for paint. just
    waitting for you to conferm
    waiting can't decide on colour or model. might be thinking of an r32 mkv if the dealer will bend a little. either way should have it by the end of april.
    Ya i'm in ukraine right now! I was in Paris all of last week and in kiev during the weekend. Now im in L'viv. You can reach me at 380-969-81-17-58. Thats my cell #! Give me a call when you will be in GR.
    Hopefully we will see each other, if not have a good trip man and Have Fun!
    Hey man wats up....

    Yo i read fast fast that you were leaving thuesday for Amsterdam...Are you going anywhere else across Europe. I might be going to germany in a week or two. For now im in Lviv. I just got here today before i was in Kiev! But i was thinking maybe if you go else where we can meet up! LOLZ anyways let me know, if not have a nice trip and ill see you when we both get back!

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